Getting the Most from Every Day We Are Given

“They say you only live once. I don’t believe that. You only die once. You have a chance to live every single day.” John Feal, 911 First Responder

I think about this quote a lot since I first heard it about a year ago. Yesterday is done, and we are not promised tomorrow. Every day, we have 86,400 seconds, and the clock is always ticking. When it stops, game over (for us anyway). Then our legacy is the mark we left on the world.  We can earn back lost money, but never lost time.

The questions we ask ourselves are what guide our thinking. The brain will always seek an answer. So if our children ask, “Why am I so stupid?” their brain will look for an answer even if it is an irrational question. So instead of asking why they can’t, they can ask, “How they could.” Their brain will look for an answer. I have found that the questions we ask ourselves have a tremendous impact on our well-being.

I teach my students to ask themselves 3 questions that I ask myself every evening, and have for about 25 years:

1) What did I do that was fun today?

2) What did I do to make someone else’s life just a little more pleasant?

3) What did I learn today?

I am blessed to have a job I love that is really fun (most of the time). And I believe that most of my students and parents will say that I do my best to spread joy (most of the time).

But there are days where I struggle with the last point. When that happens, I pick up a book, or watch something new on Youtube before I go to bed. There is always more to learn.

So this email is a little reminder that every day we have an opportunity to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others.

How will you answer the 3 questions tonight?

If you like this idea, share it with someone you love.

Lupo TaekwonDo is a community where fun, joy, and continuous and never-ending improvement are ingrained in our culture. If you are part of our community, thank you. If we haven’t met yet, I invite you to look us up and check us out. Make it a great day!!