Students will learn World Taekwondo (Olympic-Style) martial arts. The curriculum is recognized globally, in more than 200 countries. Black Belts are sanctioned by the Kukkiwon, which means they will be recognized worldwide for life.

Lupo Taekwondo is a USA Taekwondo club (National Governing Body US Olympic Committee) and our coaches are certified by the USAT and held to the highest standards. Our students can compete in State and National tournaments, at all levels of development.

Beginners learn the basic stances, blocks, kicks and strikes. As they progress, they will learn poomsaes (choreographed patterns utilizing various techniques). This improves technique, focus, coordination, balance, and more. They learn the sport-side of Taekwondo sparring, and self-defense.

In the process, kids develop improved focus, self-control, and fitness. As their skills increase, their confidence will grow. As a parent myself, I know that if we can help them to achieve these things, everyone wins.

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