Team MOST (Master Orlando Sparring Team) is a World Taekwondo style sparring program based at Lupo Taekwondo.

What is Team MOST?

The program is run by Master Antonio Orlando (Kukkiwon 6th Degree and certified USA Taekwondo Level 2 Taekwondo Coach). Master Orlando has 25 years of coaching experience and has coached over a dozen athletes to medal at national and international tournaments.

He is supported by Assistant Coach Steve Findley and Team Captain William Findley (4th Degree).

Team MOST consists of students from Lupo Taekwondo, BucksMont TKD (our sister school), and other dojangs from around the region. All athletes in the program must be registered students at Lupo Taekwondo, or with another World Taekwondo style school, and have permission from their senior instructor to train.

The team meets three Saturdays a month from 2:00 – 5:00. All students age 6+ who are Yellow Belts or above are invited to join.

If your goal is to improve you sparring game, or simply to improve your fitness levels considerably, Team MOST will help you or your child to reach those goals. To learn more or to schedule a free trial class, contact Team Manager Lisa Findley at

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